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Call 206-491-8818 or schedule an appointment online:

Fridays 4:30pm – 9:00pm Saturdays: 9:00am – 8:00pm Sundays: 9:00am – 8:00pm

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Rates: $120 – $150 for 50 to 90 minute sessions



I believe that our thoughts and feelings lead us to the behaviors that we choose. Unhelpful thoughts may result in behaviors that cause conflict in our lives. These conflicts might be internally within ourselves, with others around us or simply in how we live every day. My role is to help you understand your thoughts and feelings in order to promote growth, healing and ultimately change in behavior. My approach is collaborative and I view myself as the vessel you have chosen for your journey. You are the captain of the ship.

Play Therapy allows children the space to express themselves and understand their own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes parents bring their child to therapy for behavior problems. Young children especially, often do not know the words to say in order to express how they are feeling or what they are thinking so all we see are behaviors that may cause dysfunction in different areas of the child’s life. Through play therapy, I help children learn to express their emotions in healthy ways which naturally decreases problem behaviors. When children feel more at ease in their own skin and in the world, they are able to relax and participate appropriately in school, sports, extracurricular activities, family engagements and regular every day activities



As a Marriage and Family Therapist at My Childs Therapist, I am skilled at understanding family dynamics. I believe that if one member of the family is going to change, then everyone else needs to change as well. Family therapy can be scary or intimidating at first. Some family members may be worried about blame being placed or that family therapy is a set up for some sort of boxing match that could go 12 rounds and the therapist is the referee sending people to their corners! I love demystifying family therapy. It is helpful for me to see how your family naturally interacts and communicates with each other. Then we work collaboratively on identifying common goals. Once the goals are established and everyone agrees, healing occurs through a combination of learning new communication styles, reflecting and understanding your own needs, the needs of your other family members and true forgiveness.

Are you struggling with a defiant child? Do you find yourself telling your child to do something many times before it actually gets done? Do you feel that you are not bonding or connecting with your child the way you wish you did? Any behavior that receives attention will continue, whether positive or negative. When you tell your child stop running, it actually reinforces that behavior because you are giving it attention. I coach parents on focusing on what their child is doing right or what is pleasing to the parent. The child will increase those pleasing behaviors and problem behaviors will decrease because the child is invested in the relationship with the parent. After only a few weeks of parent coaching with me, your child will be excited to please you because it feels good and your relationship with your child will become much less stressful. You will get along with each other again


Has your child experienced a trauma? A trauma is a negative experience where you or someone you care about might have been hurt or been afraid you would get hurt. Examples of traumatic events are: sexual or physical abuse, experiencing or witnessing violence, natural disasters like a fire, earthquake, storm, serious accidents, scary medical procedures, grief and loss or any other experienced that caused your child to be afraid for a long time.

Commonly reactions children may have to traumatic events are: Having bad memories about the event, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, fear of doing things that may remind them of the trauma or having many negative thoughts about it. If your child experienced a traumatic event and has some of these symptoms, your child may be experiencing post-traumatic stress. I provide a specific type of treatment for trauma and specialize in treating young children, youth and teens.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based treatment model that emphasizes exposure. Your child will be able to talk about the traumatic event without become upset or afraid. Parent/caregiver involvement in TF-CBT is a crucial component in providing support as your child processes his or her trauma. Your child’s feelings about the traumatic event will become less intense and as they are able to cope with those feelings, your child will be able to put the trauma in the past and move forward to live a positive and healthy life!

Clinical Supervision

I am a Washington State Approved Supervisor and can provide supervision for any professional seeking support. I especially enjoy supervising students or recent graduates as they hone their skills. Especially as a new therapist, it is important to discuss potential ethical dilemmas, conflicts of interest and treatment planning. I also provide materials that are helpful when studying for your licensure exam. Supervision fees are $75 per hour for one person or $100 per hour for 2 people.