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As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am skilled at understanding family dynamics and Parent Child Interaction Therapy. I believe that if one member of the family is going to change, then everyone else needs to change as well. Family therapy can be scary or intimidating at first. Some family members may be worried about blame being placed or that family therapy is a set up for some sort of boxing match that could go 12 rounds and the therapist is the referee sending people to their corners! I love demystifying family therapy. It is helpful for me to see how your family naturally interacts and communicates with each other. Then we work collaboratively on identifying common goals. Once the goals are established and everyone agrees, healing occurs through a combination of learning new communication styles, reflecting and understanding your own needs, as well as the needs of your other family members and true forgiveness.

My Child's Therapist - Parent Child Interaction TherapyHealthy communication is the foundation to any relationship. Have you lost trust in your partner? Has there been more arguing lately? I believe that repair is possible, even in the most difficult situations. I believe I can help bring you closer to your partner than you ever thought possible. You can reconnect and find each other again. Let me bring hope back to your relationship.

Child Behavioral Therapist – Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Are you struggling with a defiant child? Do you find yourself telling your child to do something many times before it actually gets done? Do you feel that you are not bonding or connecting with your child the way you wish you did? Any behavior that receives attention will continue, whether positive or negative. When you tell your child to stop running, it actually reinforces that behavior because you are giving it attention. With Parent Child Interaction Therapy, I coach parents on focusing on what their child is doing right or what is pleasing to the parent. The child will increase those pleasing behaviors and problem behaviors will decrease because the child is invested in the relationship with the parent. After only a few weeks of parent coaching with me, your child will be excited to please you because it feels good and your relationship with your child will become much less stressful. You will get along with each other again.

Children going through divorce or separation of their parent’s experience many transitions. Sometimes it can be difficult for them to cope with all of those changes. Having some support can be very helpful. As a¬†child behavioral therapist I help children process their feelings about their parent’s divorce and learn to regulate their emotions through parent child interaction therapy. I am also able to provide support for parents to help them understand what their children might be experiencing during this time. I can help you co-parent and hopefully prevent stress for your children.

– Jenna


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