Coping with Child Trauma

Child Trauma. Has your child experienced a trauma? A trauma is a negative experience where you or someone you care about might have been hurt or been afraid you would get hurt. Examples of traumatic events are: sexual or physical abuse, experiencing or witnessing violence, natural disasters like a fire, earthquake, storm, serious accidents, scary medical procedures, grief and loss or any other experienced that caused your child trauma to be afraid for a long time.

Common reactions children may have to traumatic events are: Having bad memories about the event, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, fear of doing things that may remind them of the trauma or having many negative thoughts about it. If your child experienced a traumatic event and has some of these symptoms, your child may be experiencing post-traumatic stress. As a child behavioral therapist I provide a specific type of treatment for child trauma and specialize in treating young children, youth and teens.

Child Trauma – Focused Cognitive Child Behavioral Therapy

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based treatment model that emphasizes exposure which I use a child therapist. Your child will be able to talk about the traumatic event without become upset or afraid. Parent/caregiver involvement in TF-CBT is a crucial component in providing support as your child processes his or her trauma. Your child’s feelings about the traumatic event will become less intense and as they are able to cope with those feelings, your child will be able to put the trauma in the past and move forward to live a positive and healthy life!

– Jenna

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